The Association of Graduate Programs in Public Health Nutrition, Inc. (AGPPHN) is a non-profit organization that creates the standards of curriculum for graduate programs in Public Health Nutrition. The Association is comprised of program faculty from each academic institution in the U.S. that offers a graduate degree program in Public Health Nutrition. The Association refers to these institutions as Member Institutions. The Association is governed by an Executive Committeemore to come.



The Mission of the Association is to promote the public’s health through assessment, policy development, assurance of and accessibility to food and nutrition programs and services. It will accomplish this mission through the promotion of excellence in the graduate education of qualified professionals.



  • To establish and maintain standards of graduate education for public health nutritionists.
  • To provide a structure for addressing issues of common interest to member universities and their faculty members in matters related to public health nutrition practice, education and research.
  • To facilitate communication regarding graduate education among practitioners in the field, agencies, and organizations concerning preparation and employment of public health nutritionist.